July 14,2018
Meaningful of life

Many people falling into the scenes not knowing what they really want  in this life .we tend to do what their parents and others people think is right and not usually question what is really meaningful to themselves 

That is why many peoples suffering and unhappy with their life . Find out what you want in life is a difficult task and this is not a single over night fix can achieve, it requires a lot of time together with maximum effort. From what I learned of my experience for my life this is a few things we need :

1/.  Let go  of the past. :   Before you start exploring what you want in this life , so learn to forget the past with no regrets. You want to live a happy life but the past can’t be  berries and that is difficult to carry you to the front.   Nothing really difficult if you try because you cannot change the mistakes of the past so should focus on the present and future, you will make more motivation to move on to capture the good things in life 

2/.   Find out what you need :   Although very difficult but finding what you need in this life is essential to happiness. First , question what is most important to you : Love, family, financial ?   Once you answer these questions you will know what you need to do to have satisfaction . 

3/.   Discover happiness:   Have you ever wonder what makes you feel really happy? Everyday should take only few minutes to think about what you love will make you feel energized more . When you discover that you need to know how to strive to achieve. 

4/.   Think about the future:    Have you ever imagine the next 5 years will do ? Thinking about this can cause you feeling hazy but it will help you to figure out what you really want . Think about the goal you want to achieve and the skills you want to develop in 5 years . Once you answer that question, let’s get to work towards planning objectives. 

5/     Pursuer hobbies :   One sure way to find out what you really desire is to experiment and pursuer differently interests to know what to fit and what you would like . These will be many surprising and interesting. Identification and plan which priority and effort to achieve their ambitions soon. 

6/    Learning what not like :   Contemplate these things bother you and quickly remove it from your life . To do it make a list of things you hate and this list is the key to help you to figure out what you need to do to bring happiness to yourself.  It could be the current job that you hate or maybe a friend of you is really not a good friend or anything makes you uncomfortable. Holding in hand something you hate will get you motivated to change your life in more positive direction. 

My phone is out of battery Hihihi ... I should stop now . Have a good day everyone 

With love  to all of you from Anhthuy. 


Posted by Anh Thuy at 09:42
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