October 19,2020
Coping with stress

Stress can affect people lives at any moment. Some say that a certain measure of stress can be a good thing that pushes individuals to try their best to overcome obstacles. However, chronic stress is potentially dangerous for the mind and body 

2020 has been a stressful year for many people. A global pandemic that emerged in late 2019 and continued into the new year brought with it many changes. Some of which are unprecedented 

Pandemic stress mixed with existing stress may require additional coping techniques: 

1/   Turn negative into positive thinking . The occasional pep talk can help people manage their stress . Rather than saying " Everything is going wrong " , tell yourself " I can handle this, I have done it before " . Find the silver lining in situation and may not feel so stressful.

2/    Take thing one at a time . Get thing ahead of yourself by looking to far into the future can compound stress . Focus on here and now . Make to do lists and take situations as they come day by day or hour by hour. Situation are often fluid, so worrying about something that is weeks away is often fruitless. 

3/   Exercise regularly. Find opportunities to exercise. Physical activity can release  your feel good endorphins and distract you from daily worries. 

4/  look good feeling good aways in my mind every morning I woke up . Spending time answering email , text messages after breakfast with friends and customers was my habit every morning. Spending time ironing clothes and looking my new painting to have more ideas per each painting gave me more appreciated what we have each day . finding things to do keep you more busy that all the important thing to get over any stressful you may help . 

Keep calm be kind and be safe , will finding time to be with all of you soon I wish.

with love from AnhThuy . 



Posted by Anh Thuy at 12:00
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