October 03,2018
Autumn sky

To me autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower. Autumn, the year’s last , loveliest smile. Everyone should take time to sit and watch the leaves turn to wonderful magical colors. 

fall , the words brought me comfort, clear sky , not a cloud traveling piece . It seem that every time I look up I can see the other side of the earth . That how I love autumn sky and I love all things in the fall season. Red leaf golden yellow color with lentils, very lovely beautiful.

 As one of the four seasons of the year , between the hot summer and cold winters , fall like a bridge, a great interference that nature has created contribute to adorns all faceted life . 

Autumn has a unique beauty that does not get the whole season. Just sad vague romantic nothingness, just bare reality. Fall come and leave in the heart of many emotions sad , bittersweet. Fall is a season is full of emotions, joy and hope . 

May fall be a time to realize what great advertising you’ve endured and how much stronger and wiser you are . May this new season bring you lot of love , happiness and blessings. 

Enjoy our life with nature . 

With love from Anh Thuy . 

Posted by Anh Thuy at 09:20
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