December 07,2017
The simple joy of writing by hand

Singing,painting , knitting , crocheting, sewing, cooking , gardening, coloring for relaxation are all the rage now . Handwriting can provide the same rewards ,  and stimulate the brain in ways that tying simply does not . It can also be a meditative practice. 

Have you noticed that we are writing by hand less and less these day ? Sometime it’s just a signature with a blunt stylus at the grocery store , or your finger signing crudely on a credit card pay screen. Handwriting certainly looks like a dying form , as we type away merrily on our keyboard, or respond in our new form of texting code . 

Is this withering away of handwriting a problem ?  Or it is simply the inevitable unfolding of language form evolving over the centuries, form oral to written to printed, and now electronic.  ? 

I believe that hand wringing still serves a deep purpose in our lives and that letting it fade away will be a loss to our spirit. Precisely because it is no longer essential for communication, handwriting can now be free to express its true nature as an embodied practice of creative expression, a synchronization of mind and body .

Whether you enjoy your handwriting or are embarrassed and uncomfortable with it , getting on the page each day with some slow writing can open your channels of creativity and keep them humming. This is not about improving your handwriting, any more than meditation is about improving your character. It’s a practice of seeing ourselves thorough how we write , allowing our handwriting, and ourselves, to be unique, quickly, imperfect and appreciated.

when I write by hand , the familiar shapes tumble out and make new combinations. But it is something about the physical act , the holding of the hand and pen ... that is meditatitive , bringing me into present. The body sensation are the foundation, the moving line the breath that keep flowing along . And the words that shows up on the pape are the thought taking shape , the weather appearing on the horizon. It is this physical aspects of writing. The sitting down and listening through the body , the hand , the pen , that can bring forth something substantial and free . 

To me handwriting is a powerfully simple way to bring nature creativity and connection back in our lives .

Start your diary by your hand writing , after a week you can see a big different with your mind your fingers and more than that you will enjoy yourself with peacefully living. Your diary will be your true love , true friend that you have in life ... 

love you all from AnhThuy.



Posted by Anh Thuy at 07:49
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