March 17,2017
10 simple things to do to achieve great things

when we thinking about life of successful people , we always wonder. What could have they done differently?   How did they live each day ? They said success is a mixture of hard work , perseverance, and desire.

To achieve all your aspirations , you have to put in your best effort. To surmount all the challenges that come your way , you have to know how to persevere. And to make everything worth your while, you need to desire whatever it is that you do . Many researchers who have studied the live of successful people have found similar patterns in their habits and perspectives that could have contributed to their successful.  The following are 10 simple things people do everyday to achieve their goals in life : 

1/.  They do the most important things early in the morning.

2/.  They follow routine 

3/.  They make lists 

4/.   They know how to spend money to make money 

5/     They keep learning 

6/     They treasure great friends

7/     They take good care of their heath 

8/      They engaged in productive hobbies 

9/      They live their schedule 

10/    They learned from failures 

Hope you like it my sharing today .... 

Been so busy with the holiday with family and friends , so glad that I have back to my routine, my normal life . It's always nice to have people in your life who make you smile, even when they are not around.

Thank you for all your email in my inbox everyday , all things you been shared make me smile every morning, it's make me feel life so wonderful as it is .... Have a good day everyone and talk to you later . 

Love you all from AnhThuy.



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