January 25,2017
Live life artfully

Today I would love to share with you this story , hopefully all of you like it .

My mother is 83 years old and incapacitated by Parkinson's disease. Unable to walk , she is marooned in her electric recliner chair . She wears an emergency alert necklace with her bathroom and showering needs . 

My mother has a lot of reasons to complain. Eating is difficult. Even picking up the phone is an effort. But she never complains . She focuses on her family. Her cat . Books . Her love of politics . And most important? Dessert . 

Life may have its indignity, but in my mother's view , that should never get in the way of a good dessert.

There is a way to live life artfully, and my mother has figured it out . She insists on dressing fashionably. Vibrant colors , necklace and jewelry. Despite her physical condition, she greets each day with a laugh and flair for personal expression. In both her clothing , joy of conversation and zest for sweets . A positive attitude goes a long way towards artfully living . 

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenging to change ourselves.

All of us have the capacity to shape our perspective and attitude. My mother does that . Unable to change her physical condition, she focused on other aspects of her life . Other areas where she can experience joy .

My mother has navigated some rough personal seas . The body that is her vessel has been knocked about . But she has emerged a skillful sailor . A sailor who knows what it is to endure the typhoon and crashing waves of life . Yet persevere . And live with style and grace . 

No double there are some rough seas in your life . Family trouble . Work problems. Perhaps your art or creative passions is stalled at the moment. All I can say is that the trials and tribulations will pass . If you stay strong and find the ways to live artfully, you will emerge for the better . You will be stronger . More resilient and wise .

Along the way , as you find your path to calm the water . Laugh a bit more , dress like you mean it , and by all mean , enjoy a little dessert now and then .

Hope you like it . Enjoy the day everyone.

love you all from AnhThuy . 

Posted by Anh Thuy at 10:15
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