August 13,2014
Life is simple for serenity

I read somewhere that life is a mirror image of myself again . I found more and more that is true and that also the most simple thing that I've spent the sentiment , thought and time to feel . Every morning you and I wake up , is not always a beautiful sunny day , just have a generous spirit , selflessness and accept as given , we can see that it was a beautiful day , though that day do not have a little outdoor sun rose . Looking at each other with sympathetic eyes always pleasant than a skeptical glance , unpleasant . If yesterday was a dark day for you , why not forgive and forget . Turn it into comfort and quiet soul to the heart . Meaning sometime life just that is simple , it is right in your own . Thank you for come by to share with me all my feeling each day . I would love to bring to all of you a wonderful picture of life , depend of what you feel and what you think life is just a beautiful painting . Good night everyone and just remember your happiness aways my happiness . Love you all . Anhthuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 08:44
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