July 08,2014
The most beautiful picture

A lifelong artist dream of a most beautiful picture . He ask the professor to know what the best . The professor replied : I think the most beautiful thing in earth is the belief , because belief enhance human values ..... The artist also put the same question to a girl and said : LOVE is the most beautiful in earth , because love make bitter becomes sweet , bring smiles to those who are mourning , making it little become noble , life would be boring without love . Finally , the artist met the soldier who recently return from the war , when ask the soldier replied : PEACE. Is the most beautiful .... Where there is peace , where there is beautiful . Upon returning home , the artist realized believe in the human eyes , the love of his wife in the married . The main thing that make his soul is filled with happiness and peace . Now , he has to understand how the most beautiful things on earth . After completing his work , the artist name for his painting : FAMiLY. Indeed , family is a place filled with the laughter of children , the mother's voice and the power of father . That is where the warmth of the heart to love , the light of her eyes filled with happiness , as kindness , as loyalty is . The family is the first place for childhood or perhaps to learn the beliefs and idea of life . That is where we are about to comforts and support . That is where the food simple delicious become . That is where boiling water even cried of joy and happiness . Enjoy the day everyone . Love you all . Anh Thuy .

Posted by Anh Thuy at 09:19
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