April 08,2020
Keep calm and carry on

Hey everyone,

The change that the world is going though right now can feel pretty heavy. How are you doing ? I've been asking and answering a lot during this time of isolation.Thank you for all the letters and concerns. My family doing great , we use FaceTime to see each other each day , I missed my grandchildren but what can we do just except the way it should be and tried our best to get over it . 

Remain calm, serene , always in command of yourself , you will find out how easy it is to get along . Calm mind bring inner strength and self confidence , so that is very important for good health. We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace ourselves. 
Breath is the power behind all thing .... I breathe in and know that good things will happen.

Compassions, tolerance , forgiveness and a sense of self discipline are qualities that help us lead our daily lives with a calm mind  

There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life that I learned: happiness freedom and peace of mind are always attained by giving them to someone else . Provide yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind .

To talk health , happiness and prosperity to everyone you meet . To make all of your friends feel that there is something in them . Look at a tree , a flower a plant , let your awakened rest upon it . How still they are , how deeply rooted in being. Allow nature to teach you stillness. 
Keep calm you have a forest in your blood . Feelings are just like an visitors , let them come and go . Remember the entrance to the sanctuary it inside you .

oh oh , time to go to visit my garden ... will be back with you other day for more thing to keep our mind calm . 
love you all from AnhThuy . 

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