September 09,2016
Patience.. The power of serenity

No reason to be stress : the power of serenity.

Patience also gives us calmness of spirit. With patience, our inner experience is more like a still pond than a raging river . Rather than being thrown into anger, panic or fear by every circumstance life throws at us . A cancelled plane , a missed deadline by a workmates, our spouse forgetting to do an errand , we are able to put it into some kind of perspective that allow us to keep our cool . 

With this composure, rather than being the miserable kvetch who upset everyone around us , we are the ones people look to for comfort and humor when thing go awry. With patience, we are more able to stay calm on the inside no matter what is happening on the outside. We trust in our capacity to deal with whatever comes our way . And that trust gives great peace of mind . .

one reason for this is that a synonym for patience is self possession. I love that world , it helps me remember that , with patience we are in charge of ourselves. We can choose how to respond to a given event , rather than hijacked by our emotions . In this way , patience is like a keel on boat , it allows us to keep our stability in the stormiest of seas while continuing to move in the direction we desire . 

Be patience keep your mind clear  to make other happy and that is the way To bring happiness to our life everyday. Another wonderful day coming to our life , let enjoy and make it happen, let do it and make your dream coming true . 

Love you all from Anhthuy .





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