July 26,2016
Life and painting

Has everyone ever though any step inlife just like a brush strokes painting with  a mixed picture .

Sitting idly for a montment and realized the incredible similarities but understandable and indeed elsewhere , life will always be comparisons . Life has many facets , many cornes many expression .

The diverse , multi dimensional picture of title , sometime just a simple black and white images , sometime very vivid colors , sometime rough , rough as canvas then sometime smooth , polished with a water color painting . sometime all been exposed as immediate in the dwawing , using colors blocks that  new hearts and minds perceive as the face abstract lines .

And all of them are affordable beauty , are flawless . No , because not everyone is an artist and not everyone has the same aesthetic eye . and everylife is a different picture , maybe normal as other painting , but  sometime is a masterpiece of humanity . Each artist who is painting his own life . No one can draw to help someone , be reasonable others can only sometime , the drawing teacher , a critic or just the model in the picture of my own . they are abjective factors influence , dominates your emotions BUT you are the one the only one still holding your palm . you are the one to created your own life . No one can help except yourself . you are painting your own picture and there are two cases occurred : unfinished painting that will be hunted like a treasure if it is a famous artist , or will be a piece of paper in trash can admit no more than if it is from the guys wandering artist unknow . Imagine the life , the fate accidently stopped amid rampant youth , will have some many tears when lying down under three inches thick and the  life will be remembered with grief .

Abviously , life  just like a painting but the only other  thing , we can tear draft painting if that is not the way you love  but life still is not . Let's honor .

A lot of love from Anhthuy



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