June 26,2016
our life

Life is a succession lessons which much be lived to understood . It is not a long of life , but is a depth of life . The longer i live , the more i read , the more patienly i think , and the more anxiously i inquire .... the less i seem to know .... Do justly , love mercy . Walk humbly . This is enough .

The most important thing is to enjoy our life , to be happy and its all that matter .

Life is isn't about finding yourself , life is about creating yourself .

You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching . love like you'll never be hurt , sing like there's nobody listening and live like it's heaven on earth .

very sunny today in my place , another beautiful day . Enjoy your day appreciate what we have in hand ... We only live once so just do it right , once is enough . Happiness is not from something ready made . It comes from your own action . No one save us but ourselves , no one can and no one may . We ourselves must walk the path . This life is what you make , keep go on , keep trying , hold on and always always believe in yourself because if you don't  and who will ? So keep your head high , keep your chin up and most importantly keep smilling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about .

Have a great day everyone , keep painting more for our next exhibition in fall . Love you all from Anhthuy .

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June 10,2016
Our friendship

Friends help each other through the big things and cherish together the little things .

Friends are the tresure of the heart and times with friends are written on our heart .

Friends like a butteflies ... They genly touch your life and lighten your heart .

Friendship double our joys... and divides our  sorrows .

Where seeds of kindness are planted , our friendship grows . Friends are the closet things to angels this side of heaven . The most heavenly moments are those we spend in the company of a treasured friend .

The road to a friend's house  is never long . There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship .

Never forget the days i spent with you . continue to be my friend , as you will always find me yours . A friend may well be rockoned the masterpiece of nature .

Friendship is a sheltering tree . They cherish each other's hope . They are kind to each other's dream . friends can see what's invisible to the eye because they look with the heart .

There's no greater bleesing than a good friend , except a good friend who grows to be an old friend . Caring friends make any path smoother .

Friends ,  let's always keep on growing but let' never apart . Season change and the time gone by but true friendship remains . To me friendship is a place where your heart feels at home .

Thank you all of you my friends , without you i can not be who im today .

With love from AnhThuy .


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