February 22,2016

1/.  Remember , you can't reach what's in front of you until you let go of what behind you . 

2/    If you resist what happens , you are at the mercy of what happens , and the world will determine your happiness and unhappiness .

3/   You can't calm the storm , so stop trying . What you can do is calm yourself , the storm will pass . 

4/   Stop trying to fix  yourself . You're not broken . You are perfectly imperfect and powerful beyond measure . 

5/    Change the changeable . Accep the unchangeable . And remove yourself from the unacceptable 

6/ peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is rather than as you think it should be 

7/. Wisdom is merely the movement from fighting life to embracing it .

8/.  Surrender to what is . Say "yes " to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than again you .

9/  the pass can not be changed , forgotten , edited or erased .  IT CAN ONLY BE ACCEPTED

10/.  No regrets , just lesson . No worried , just accepted . No expectation , just gratitude . LIFE IS TOO SHORT .

11/.   Happiness when you feel good about yourself without the need for anyone else's approved . 

12/.  Learned to accept rather than expect , and you have far fewer disappointment .

13/ Acceptance is not submission . It is acknowledgment of the fact of a situation , then deciding what you're going to do with it .

14/. Life become easier when you learn to accep an apology you never got . 

15/ The more you hide your feelings , the more they show . The more you deny your feeling , the more you grow . 

16/.   You don't need strength to let go of something . What you really need is understanding . 

Have a good day everyone . Love to heard from you more . 

Love from Anhthuy .


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