October 14,2016
The pathways

choosing the artistic path in your life can be a very difficult decision. Some people know where they stand really early on and get started with a plan right away, while others tend to struggle a bit more .

Decision to be a writer, or a singer or a painter or anything else that involves bringing all these creative cells together is a crazy process . You have to deal with the uncertainty of earning a steady income month after month . You have to come up with a way of materializing whatever is happening in your mind , your head and your heart and transcript it to the world . And we all know the world isn't aways the most comprehensive, kind and encouraging place . 

Still , that is where you choose to be because if you think about it , keeping all of these cells caged inside is much be worse . We all have to choose our pathways in life . The directions we believe will lead to happiness and fulfillment.

So , if you ever believed your piece of art was not enough or that you will never make it , or that other just do it better than you can , please don't compare yourself with other just remember this is your art works and you are the one who created it by yourself by your mind , the color you play and the style that you play it is you not the other . Please be happy with what you did . No one like you and no one can tell you what to do . Go with your own way and believe in yourself. Every life is difference and we should happy with our own path , the pathway that we choose from the first begin . Let enjoy the process, the step that we walk from first step to second step and more . 

Increasingly, I see that true happiness come from within . It's the small thing . Love of family , friends and our artwork, a good book and a cup of coffe or tea . 

It is raining to hard outside , Oct start raining season in our place . Some people think is bad but to me it is the best time time for me coming back to our art world , painting with me just like a good therapy that bring me to a different world . In there I can do whatever I want to do , using knife and oil give me more relax and easy to do my work whatever time I have . 

Have a great weekend and make sometimes for yourself.

Love you all from Anhthuy . 

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