August 20,2015
Meaning of a friend

A friend is :  

Accepts you as you are . Believes in you . Calls you just say "hi " . Doesn't give up on you . Envision the whole of you . Forgives your mistakes. Give unconditionally. Helps you . Invites you over . Just like being with you . Loves you for who you are . Make a difference in your life . Never judges you . Offers support . Picks you up and quiets your tears . Raise your spirits . Say nices thing about you . Values you . Walks beside you . X. Plains thing you don't understand .yells when you don't listens and zaps you back to reality . 

Hope everything gone well with all of you . Summer almost over  ... Let enjoy the sun and be prepare for beautiful romantic autumn everyone . Autumn is my favorite sweetie season of the year ,  can not wait  😇😇😇. 

Love you all from Anhthuy .



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