June 26,2015
Learning to dance in the rain

life is not about waiting for the storm pass , it's about learning to dance in the rain . You can not calm the storm so stop trying . What you could do is calm yourself and the storm will pass you can not stop the waves but you can learn how to surf .

i don't know what is the key to successful but I know truly is the key to unsuccessfully is always try to make people please . You can not change how people feel about you , so you don't try , just live your life and be happy so finally I should promise myself from now on I will enjoy every minutes of the day that  Given me to live . So be happy don't worry .... 

Take a cup of tea , be calm and keep going with your life .You are alone is enough.  You have nothing to prove yourself to anybody . 

It is so sunny outside my door , I really miss my Sunshine Coast home ... Over a month I have no time to be there , too busy with all thing in town ... Oh well I think I should stop doing thing that over my hand and stop trying to do thing that you can not contro by yourself . I should just enjoy my day and be happy with what I got in hand .... 

Love you all from Anhthuy .

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June 18,2015
Change one thing you don't like about yourself

we all have one thing we don't like about ourselves. Maybe you worry too much or are afraid to take a risk . Maybe you want to eat healthier or want to commit to incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Today , make the commitment to change....  There's no better time than present. If you are thinking, "  it's too late , I'm too old too change ". , think again , it's never too late to improve yourself. It won't be easy at first , so take it one step at a time . Just saying " YES .  I'm ready to change that part of my life "  is a huge step . 

Together we start today everyone , let me know how is work for you . 

Very very sunny outside, I'm think I love cold weather rather than hot .... But sometime changing also make good feeling too .... 

Love you all from Anhthuy .

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June 13,2015
Write a thank you letter to our parents

let take a moment today to write a quick note of thanks to our parents . It could be a letter explaining your love and gratitude for all their support over the years or a simple thank you for a dinner they put on the table . It doesn't matter what age you are , it is important to thank them for their unconditional love . Try not to send this note on their birthday, anniversary or holiday, but on a random day where it will take them by surprise . This note will fill their hearts and remind them of what a good job they did raising us . Include a recent photo of yourself to personalize it . 

Make other happy will bring our happiness so let do it and do it more offen to everyone around you .  Don't wait because time never coming back and we may regrets why we not start earlier with our love one . 

Have a great day everyone. Enjoy our sunshine today ....

with love from Anhthuy .

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June 04,2015
Wonderful life

We was in Berlin a week ago , a lot of histiric about world war ll . My hand touching Berlin wall make me remember my escaped from Vietnam ... My escaped from my country in 1978 , very very emotion feeling of that moment when my hand touched the wall . All the past is coming back , surely to remember all , everything i thought  just over but now back in my head again ...... all things happen that i just want completely forget , for all those long long years pass by ... i just assumed that was my last life now just coming back . for those pass years everyday i just told myself keep going keep going and dont look back , i created the song " take it easy " and keep singing everyday with that song .

I missed my Dad and wish he can be here with me and my Mom in this life but he never coming back and we been waiting for 40 years already . Time went by so fast , it seem just  like yesterday . Mom and me miss you so much Daddy . Every year i'm  celebrate father day with my children , look as my husband with a happy face i love him more and so pround of myself with the family we been together build up .... but close my eyes with a tears drop i missed that wonderful moment with my Dad with my Mom with my little brother. ,  all those people in the family that i had before .... all that people , all the good time is gone and never come back .

I been escaped that hard feeling .... that emotion feeling always keep following me anytime i free . so im keeping myself my soul busy with my canvas with my colors with my pathway that i been created and wish everything become true since i left my country . Colors make me happy so tell  you the true im using color to help myself going through  each day and i have to said thank you for all those love song that keep me alive with love .

i knew surely that singing and painting make me feel love again and i can let myself went through.  all trouble in life that i had met when i put myself and my feeling to my canvas or sang all those songs that i love . i'm.  really feel free at that time and that was the time i did my meditation my therapy with my creation . Life is so wonderful with my little world , i can do whatever i like , i can do magic thing just only one stroke , i can go from rocky mountain to a peacefull river or a angry  water fall to a shang -ri la per half .

Life is so wonderfull with the way is it , just we are the one who created more things that make life not peaceful , i should believed in that and just let go just let go the pass because i really dont have much time to think about that no more . I'm very sorry if  my writing today isn't make you happy ... But i'm just like to share my feeling each day with all of you because all of you was make my life so grateful . Thank you for being with me everyday , thank you for all those letter made me love laugh and cry each day with all of  you .

love you all from Anhthuy .


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