April 15,2015
Simple and peaceful life

in our daily lives , we often rush through tasks , trying to get things done , trying to finish as much as we could do everyday , speeding along in our car to our next destination , rushing to do what we need to do there and then leaving so that we can speed to our next destination . 

Unfortunately , it's often not until we approach to our final destination then we realize what madness is all about ???....  At the end of the day we often exhausted and stress out  from morning until dark . We really don't have time for what is important to us , don't have tine for what we really want to do , we really don't have time to spending time with our love ones , for doing thing that we passion about . 

It doesn't have to be like that . It is positive to live a simple life where we can enjoy to each activity , where we can present most everything we do , where we can content rather than  rushing to finish things . To me simple is the best . Let slow down and enjoy our sunshine today  everyone . 

With love from anhthuy . 


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April 09,2015
The bowl of soup

one day the girl and her mother  quarreling  then the girl ran away from home .  She keep running very very far away from home . At this time , she felt hungry . Being lucky she seeing a noodle shop in front of her but when she touched her bag , she does not have any penny . The noodle shop owner who is intelligent , sophisticated , seeing her standing there and ask : do you want a bowl of noodle soup ? The girl relied shyly : but I do not have any money . Oh no , don't worry about that , I can invite you to eat just like my children . The girl coming and eat her food , she was greatfull and tears was flowing falling down to her bowl . The owner ask : what happen to you child ? She said , wiping away tears : I ok , I just. Appreciat it , you and me do not knw each other but you treated me very well , but my mother not loving me , she chased me out of the house , she also told me not to come back again . The owner listened then calmly said : why do you think so ?  You should come back and give it a try , I'm just cook for you one meal which you so appreciate it but your mother being cook for you for her whole life , you should thanks her and do not quarrel  with your mother . 

Hearing that the girl suddenly awake , she ate a bowl of noodle in a hurry , then immediately  ran back home .  When she got home she saw her mother standing at the door waiting . Just saw her the mother was delighted : are you hurry , mom cooked the food that you love the most today . 

Sometime just getting a little gift from the others we feel very greatfull and thankful but we totally forget what we alway have in hand . 

Love you all from anhthuy .

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April 02,2015

Today I would love to send you  10 of motivation quote  that I like and hope you enjoy as much as I do . 

1/ . Our greatest weakness lies in giving up . The most certain way to succeed is aways to try just one more time . 

2/. Keep your eyes on the start and your feet on the ground 

3/. The secret of getting ahead is getting started

4/. Always do your best . What you do now , you will harvest later . 

5/ the key to keep company only with people who uplift you , whose presence calls forth your best . 

6/. You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream .

7/  if you can dream it , you can do it . 

8/. Start where you are . Use what you have and do what you do .

9/. Believed in yourself . Have faith in your abilities . Without a humble reasonable confidence in your own powers you can not be successful or happy 

10/. You have to learn the rule of the game .  And  you need to play better than everyone . 

Have a good day everyone . Love you all from Anhthuy .

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