January 31,2015
True peace

A king reward for any artist to paint the best picture of peace . Many artist have tried to work . The king was watching all the painting but only 2 painting that he like but he need to pick just one . 

The painting with quiet lake . Mirror lake is beautiful because of the towering mountains surrounding . Above is a blue sky with white clouds smooth . All those who watching the painting ... That is the painting with perfect peace .

other. painting also have mountains , but the mountains bare and rocky , in the sky above the anger pouring rain accompanied by thunder and lighting . Down the cliff is a cascade of white foam . This painting did not look peaceful at all .... 

But when the king watched , he saw behind the waterfall a tiny bush growing up since the crack of rock . There , between the waterfall , calm mother bird perched on her nest .... Peace true . 

" I choose this painting . The king announced . The peace does not mean there is not a noise , not hard , not hard work . Peace means righteous when we are in the storm we still feel the tranquility in the heart . That is the real meaning of peace " .

Have a lovely day everyone , I hope that you love my story as much as I do . 

Love you all from anhthuy . 

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January 25,2015
Keep a journal for a year

Time goes by so fast that we often forget to stop and realize what we've accomplished or taken part in during the year. 

Start today , keep a journal and write in it everyday for a year , you will be amazed at what you did , how you felt , and what you got through . This is a great way to reflect on the past but also make plan for future . You will learn from your mistakes as well as remember the great times you had . In ten years , you can pull out that journal and have a laugh . You will likely find that what you though was important or wasn't , and you will see how much you've changed . 

I'm now still have my writing from 1979 when I just came to Canada at a little girl and I still have a funny note   when I first met my husband .... All coming back with love . Life so wonderful that I found , believe me start writing your journal today and you will see what I see about our life . 

Love you all from Anhthuy .

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January 16,2015
Passion from your heart

you don't become great by trying to be great . You become great by wanting to do something and then doing is so hard that you become great in the process . 

You got to find what you love and that is as true as it is for lovers . Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believed is great work . And the only way to do great work is love what you do . If you have not found it yet , keep looking and don't settle . As with all matters of the heart , you will know when you 've  found it . 

When you are doing the work you're mean to do , it feels right and everyday is a bonus , regardless of what you're getting pay or not  .  keep patience and keep your passion work  everyday .  Believed yourseft and success will be closer each day . 

Have  a wonderful day everyone  and remember believed  in yourseft only .  Much love from Anhthuy .


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January 04,2015
Strength elephant story

A man passing by the elephants standing room . Suddenly he stop , surprised to see the huge elephant in captivity only by a very small rope tie behind the front leg . there are no chain , no cages also detained .

It can be seen clearly , obviously , the elephans can afford to finish the rope , they can run alway at anytime . But somehow the elephants have not yet to do so ... The man saw the manager standing nearby , he asked why the elephants did not seem to want to flee . " OH ' replied the man ' when they was young , they are very much smaller than this , we still use that kind of rope size to tie them up . At that age , such a line is enough to keep them then ... But when they got bigger , we still can not believed how well the rope end to this . They think that the old tiny rope can still hold them , so they have never thought to get rid of wires and run alway . the man was astonished . the beast that is caple of running etirely escape rope binding them , but only because they could not belive that they can so they just simple accepted as it pratical .

Like the elephants , there are so many of us , has to go though life with that in mind , we can not do something just simply because we are failed once .

Failure is just part of process , is will make us more stronger to continue our path way with more success . get up and try try again will be more good thing waiting for us at the end . if this door closed keep  in mind alway onother door open and maybe that door will be better than the previous door  . love you all from Anhthuy .

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January 02,2015
Happy new year

This is another good beginning . May you richly blessed with a successfully new year .  All the best to you  family and friends . Happy new year everyone . Happy enough to keep you more sweet heart  ,  enough to keep you always CHALLENGE patience , enough sorrow to keep you awake , enough hope to keep you HAPPINESS , enough FAILURE   To keep you forever humble , enough to keep you forever SUCCESS enthusiasm , enough to keep your friends comfort , enough to satisfy your physical needs , enough enthusiasm to give you more joyful life and enough faith to dispel the disappoint .   Love you all from Anhthuy . 

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