May 23,2014
Finding the way

I have always want to paint a small boat rocking on a stormy sea . But so many so many year I could not do it . So much fear and so much memories that I would like to forget but I knew truly that I can't . So many time to think it over , I need to face with that .... At least in my life I need to paint again and refresh my memories how I escape to find my way ... Thank you Linda to ask me painted for you , you really pushing and give me a change to do it . Hopefully I will have a good one for you . Have a good day everyone , love you all

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May 19,2014
Sun glass

That * sun glass Start is still pretty smooth but melancholy . The transparent glass that never last long , only blip in a moment , to recognize the soul confused in light blue shimmering gold , let catch the sun drop very offen and hear our heart trembled slightly . Sunbeams as honey colored melting on soft lip . Just melt .... Is never broken .

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May 09,2014
Wonderful world

I'm really making art , I really playing with the color . The color make me happy ... Wonderful world . Very emotion that you can be yourself with the one you love and I find myself with all the love surrounding . I can heard all the flowers in my garden talking to me , I can see them so happy to show me their beauty and I can feel they tried the best that they can . Watching them grow belong with my children make me feel all the love and I'm really enjoy them all just like I love and enjoy my children . Another happy day in our life .

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May 07,2014

The sun just came out , another beautiful day everyone ... Enjoy enjoy .

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