October 01,2014
For meaning of life

Hi everyone , thank you for interesting sharing my story my feeling each day .... So now we should continue another part of our path way for life . Discover happiness : have you ever wondered what make you feel really happy ????...... Everyday only take a few minutes to think about what you love will make you feel energized more . When you discover that you need to know how to strive and achieve . ..... ... Think. About the future : have you ever imagined the next 5 years will do ????.... Thinking about that can cause you feeling hazy , but it will have you figure out what you really want . Think about the goals you want to achieve and the skills you want to develop in the next 5 years . Once you answer that question , let get to work toward and planed objectives . pursue hobbies : one sure way to find what you really desire is to experiment and pursue different interest to know what fix and what you would like . There will be many surprises and interesting to realize that you are identification and plan which priority and effort to archives their ambitions soon . Last thing learn what NOT like : Contemplate these things bother you and quickly remove it from your life . To do it make a list of things you hate and this list is the key help you to figure out what you need to do to bring happiness to yourself . It could be : current job that you hate or maybe a friend of you is really not a good friend or anything makes you uncomfortable . Holding in hand something you hate will get you motivated to change your life in more positive direction . Hope you enjoy my sharing . Best wish to all of you . Writing to you with all my love . Anhthuy . Email me : anhthuys@hotmail.com

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