Peace & calm # 15
Peace & calm # 15
16 by 20 by 1 in.
Oil on Canvas

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Year Created:2014

The view from my garden in sunshine coast BC . thick texture thick paint with pallete knife . painting the place i live and love . 

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Artist's Comments: 

surounding with love , my inspiration comes from place to place  i fallent in love with . i always bring my memmories home and created something that i like , my garden in sunshine coast we would call a rock garden with all kind of flowers  , i sure love to play with color and each of them just like my children , each of them alway want to show their beauty and i really enjoy them so much  . what ever it take what ever it change depend on the time or the season but im still in love with them as much as im still in love  with my  big tree, the big tree  always be there  and share with me everyday feeling with all his  love .

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