Still falling in love
Still falling in love
24 by 30 in.
Oil on Canvas

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Year Created:2014
Description:Forest painting with palette knife . Oil in canvas . Painting the place I love and live . Sunshine coast BC . To commission a similar piece . Contact me at.
Artist's Comments: Long time ago when I just came to Canada , miss my Mom miss my homeland ... I love to be at the wood to share my feeling and to talk with the tree by myself, I love that quiet time , that wonderful time make me clear my mind and I alway told myself should stand up just like a big tree ,do not scare whatever raining or windy I should be strong and only me can help and start my life by myself , I am drawing the forest each time I visit them and now still drawing but each time I can see a difference point of view . The only thing for sure I still falling in love with my tree .Hopefully you can get in and see what I see .
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